Biggest Summit For Crime Prevention In Western Canada

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  • 2020


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8:00 - 16:30


Bring your team to the next level by working together with our retail partners and law enforcement.


Bringing our teams together once a year is a great way to keep our Alberta network strong.

Information Sharing

Using communication tools like BBM and WhatsApp we can quickly communicate issues with each other.

Reduce Loss

Eodem modo typi, quisty distren videnturis parumitsum clarits, nisle solemnes fiant etsit magnas.

What we do?

Feedback from the first summit was extremely positive, which made it an easy decision to make this an annual event. This summit was designed to share ideas, build partnerships, and discuss strategies toward the common goal of combating ORC. We look forward to seeing both familiar and new faces – remember this summit is driven by feedback so let us know your thoughts at the conclusion.


Meet Some Of Our 2019 Amazing Speakers

Last Year we brought in some of our well known presenters and some new ones as well, we will announce our presenters for 2020 very shortly.

  •   Keynote speaker! Doug Fell
  •   New and returning speakers
Some of our Speakers

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Industry specific

We bring guests that specialize in ORC and can provide feebdack on how to help prevent this growing concern.

How much does it cost?

To cover the keynote speakers this year - a small fee of $60 per person is charged. No profit is made as it is used to cover fees, this event will continue to be not for profit.

Keynote Speaker

We are incorporating a keynote speaker as part of our growing venu to speak to us about ORC related subjects.

For Retailers From Retailers

ARCPS committee is comprised of 1/2 retailers and 1/2 law enforcement - this is to ensure our platform remains relevant and not driven by other interests.

Vendor Free

Vendors have many platforms and as retailers we could not survive without their relationships. However this event is meant to be sales free and a relationship building excercise. No vendors should be trying to provide you services or sell you products at this event.

What's next?

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"This has been a great way to communicate, provide our peers with methods to combat Organized Retail Crime and to network with other retailers and law enforcement."


Pascal Benard

"We provide resources and information that is pertinent to current ORC issues."


Ray Wilson

"Come see us in April, we have a lot to share"


Kevin Anderson

"What a valuable forum for Retail Loss Prevention Partners and Law Enforcement members to share information and build partnerships to combat ORC."


Oren Merker